What is Geospect?

The Geospect ML-11 is a mudlogging system that takes full advantage of today’s technology. It has a built in Gas detector, depth system, flow panel, sample pump, and data acquisition system. Gas is automatically lagged.  ROP  is conveniently displayed on screens that are configured for either “minutes per foot” or “feet per hour.” Data files are exported to spreadsheet format for easy transfer to a log-plotting program. Geospect can be used is WITS or Pulse mode.


Geospect System

The Geospect ML series mudlogging system

What mudlogging information is displayed on the screen?

The following information is displayed at all times: Depth, gas, estimated TVD depth, current ROP, ROP 5’ average, lag depth (depth from which current sample came from), Bottoms up strokes, simulated drill and lag strokes, drill rate curve, and gas curve. Chromatograph information is also included.


Geospect Screenshot

Geospect Screenshot

Is Geospect easy to learn?

The software was so carefully thought out that even someone new to mudlogging can usually catch on. It is also very easy to rig up a Geospect system.

How are the data recorded and exported?

There are several data files that can be exported. They are as follows: ROP 1’ intervals in minutes per foot, ROP 5’ average in minutes per foot, ROP 1’ intervals in feet per hour, ROP 5’ average in feet per hour, Lagged gas 1’ intervals, lagged gas 5’ intervals, TVD ROP, Gas log (gas is recorded with a time and date stamp at user specified intervals).

Geospect Data Files

Geospect generated data files.

Is Geospect easy to install on a mud logging unit?

All lines are clearly labeled so that there should be no doubt to where everything goes. The unit can set down below or on top or even next to a counter or desk and the system is plugged into the computer with a single USB connection.

Does Geospect take up much space inside of a mudlogging unit?

The Geospect ML-11 our largest unit is 18 inches square and 8 inches tall. Compared to standard mudlogging equipment A Geospect system leaves a very small footprint.



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