Geospect Chromatograph

Geospect Chromatograph

The Geospect mudlogging gas chromatograph continuously samples the incoming gas stream. The chromatograph data are then transferred into Geospect’s powerful software for analysis. The Geospect software then determines the percent by volume of C1 through NC4. The chromatograph neatly bolts into either the ML-11IR or ML-11CC case. To request a QUOTE CLICK HERE.


  1. found your article on LinkedIn interesting Mike. We manufacture calibration gases for safety instrumentation in small transportable cylinders. I was wondering where you get your gas to calibrate your instruments? Kevin Wilson Gasco Affiliates

    • Please feel free to put a link on your website pointing to our website. We will do the same. Also, we have used your test gas and have recommended it to some of our clients.

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