Geospect ML-11 IR (Infrared Detector)

Geospect ML-11 IR (Infrared Detector)

The Geospect ML11-IR is our top of the line, and most user friendly mud logging system. It detects from 0 to 100% gas in air without saturating. This is because of our state-of-the-art infrared gas detection technology. A chromatograph and/or CO2 detector can be added to make it a complete mud logging system. The ML-11IR comes with a built-in sample pump and flow panel. Other mudlogging instrument and equipment manufacturers charge extra for these items. To request a QUOTE CLICK HERE.


  1. Could you please provide full specifications brochure of Geospect ML11-IR as well as chromatograph.

  2. Michael

    Please I would to know the difference between the following or are they just the same thing? ML-11 CC, ML-11-IR, Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer, Chromatograph

    • geospect

      The difference between the IR and CC is the type of sensors used for total gas detection. The CC has a catalytic combustion (Hotwire) type sensor and the IR has an infrared sensor. The dual sensor gas analyzer has both. By using both sensors types, our software can detect the presents of heavy hydrocarbons independently of the chromatograph and in real time.

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