Is it OK to Link Your Site to Geospect

Is it OK to Link Your Site to Geospect

From time to time we get asked by other companies or individuals if it is OK to link to our website or to an article or page within our website. For the most part the answer is yes. it is ok to link your mudlogging or oilfield related site to us. In fact we encourage this.

Linking Your Website to Geospect

If you find an article of interest on our site and would like to place a link to it on your site it is completely ok. Also, if you are one of our customers and are currently using Geospect, we would be grateful if you did link to us. Even if you are in some related field like pipeline leak detection, or if you monitor gas for a power plant and if you find an article of interest it is fine with us.

Types of Websites To Link

Here is a list of the types of websites that should link to us:

  • Mudlogging Websites – If your site deals in anyway with mudlogging or any industry relating to mudlogging, please link to us
  • Surface Logging Websites – Some folks draw a distinction between surface logging and mud logging, however we at Geospect do not see much of a difference.
  • Petroleum Geology related websites
  • Petroleum Engineering Websites
  • Educational Institutions related to the oilfield – The University of Pittsburgh has a petroleum technology course that features Geospect Instruments.
  • Any oilfield related company or service.
  • Financial Services – factoring companies, banks, etc.
  • Insurance Companies
  • Safety Compliance Companies
  • Mudlog Plotting Software Companies
  • Drilling Companies
  • Mud Companies
  • Directional Drilling Companies

We probably left someone out but if we did, it’s probably going to be OK to link to us.

Copying our Content

Permission to link to us in no way implies that it is OK to copy our content. In other words it is ok to link to our content, in fact, we encourage it. It is not ok to copy it directly to your website and make it your own.

I hope this clears things up.



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