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Since it opened for business in 1998, Camco Logging Service has been one of the leading mudlogging companies working in the southern United States. Now based in La Marque, Texas, Camco Logging Service rocketed from a one-unit to a 10-unit operation in just seven years. Although the bulk of our business is right here in Texas, we've also regularly worked in Louisiana, Mississippi and even Oklahoma.

Many factors have led to our success, not the least of which is our excellent staff. Our impressive client list, which includes companies like Cobra Oil and Gas, Petrohawk, and Talon Development, appreciate our mudloggers' expertise. Our field units are managed by the very best mudloggers in the business, and the people who work under them are carefully screened and tested before being hired. Once hired, these mudloggers are rigorously evaluated on their work in the field. The result is a cadre of mudloggers who are exceptionally accurate, hard working and experienced.

Although we're naturally proud of our remarkable staff, we believe the real secret of our success lies in our equipment. We exclusively work with the Geospect Instrument, the best state-of-the-art mudlogging system available today. Our system is proprietary, and was developed over the course of five years. Five years of creating, refining and--most importantly--field testing led to the construction of the very best mudlogging system in the world.

Until now, the Geospect Instrument was only available at Camco Logging Service. In recognition of its superior quality, however, we've begun selling the Geospect Instrument to other mudlogging companies. If you're interested in learning what the Geospect can do for your mudlogging service, call us at (409) 925-1274, and we'll be happy to speak with you.


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