ML – 17.90.ctl

Added the ability to show second gas detector on main logging screen. Added the ability to WITS out 2nd gas detector on DSGA systems in units or percents. Added the ability to export readings from second gas detector to file.

Geospect ML-16.21 Setup

Fixed issue that caused gas and chromatograph data to temporarily stop logging. Added support for TC gas detectors. Added option for logging chromatograms in parts per million. Added support for some third party chromatographs.


Geospect ML-15.50 Setup

Added capability to stream live data over the Internet.

Geospect ML-1511 Setup

Fixed minor issue with ROP 5′ Average calculation.

Geospect ML-1510 Setup

Added Mainlog compatibility. Fixed minor issue with chromatograph while in percent mode.

Geospect ML-1507 Setup

Fixed issue with chromatograph logging properly while in percent mode.

Geospect ML-1505 Setup

Functionality for the Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer was added. It is not necessary for you to have the DSGA installed on your Geospect mudlogging system for the other components of the software to function properly. If you have a Geospect ML-07 or above, your Geospect system can be retrofitted with this capability. To learn more about the DSGA click here.

Geopect ML-15.01 Setup

This is a major update. The chromatograph has been overhauled. Pop-out screens allow functionality for multiple monitors, and more. More changes are coming soon.

Geospect ML-14.70 Setup

This is the latest version of our software. It updates the hardware key driver to work with Windows 8. It also deploys the 14.70 CTL document file automatically. Additionally, it is no longer a requirement to run the setup file from your computer’s desktop. If installing for the first time on a new computer, be sure to read the Read Me file that appears on your desktop.

Geospect Logplot Template

This is the Logplot template used by Geospect Mudlogging and is similar to the one used by our predessor, Camco Logging Service. If you are new to Logplot, this should give you a start. Please feel free to modify it in any way you see fit. The only thing we ask is that you remove the Geospect Logo from the upper left corner of the log heading. Also, if you are a Geospect customer, you may add “powered by Geospect” in the heading if you like. Logplot is a registered trademark of Rockware. For more information please visit


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