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Geospect, LLC

State-Of-The-Art Mudlogging Equipment

About Us

Mike Cunningham Jr., a second generation mudlogger and owner of Camco Logging Service decided to build a new kind of mudlogging equipment. This equipment would merge time-tested mudlogging principles with new technology. The equipment would have to be user-friendly to a fault, so that he could train his new mudloggers faster. It would also have to deliver useful and accurate data in real-time, based on information acquired from rig sensors. Mike did not develop Geospect on his own. Advice was (and still is) sought from mudlogging experts, mudlogging pioneers, data acquisition experts and computer experts. Mike just put these people together and used what he knew about mudlogging to make Geospect a very special and unique mudlogging system. This equipment was developed exclusively for Camco Logging Service in the year 2000. Since that time Geospect has undergone continual development and refinement. Mike formed Geospect Instruments and began selling Geospect Systems to other mudlogging companies and oil field professionals.


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