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2018-10-08 18:11:24

Geospect Geospect Mudlogging Gas Detectors

Geospect mudlogging gas detectors have been used in the oilfield by mudloggers since 2001. We began with a single model that used a catalytic bead sensor with a wheatstone bridge circuit connected to data acquisition software. We were also among the first mudlogging instrument manufacturing companies to eliminate the paper chart recorder and replace it with graphical displays on a computer screen.

Infrared Detector

We began offering our customers a choice of either using an infrared gas sensor or a catalytic bead sensor in their gas detectors around 2005. Since that time infrared sensor technology has improved. Our current  infrared gas detector will read up to 100% gas and is extremely sensitive for low levels of gas as well. The infrared gas detector is also not flow sensitive like the catalytic bead sensor, drift is almost non-existent, and it holds an extremely stable baseline. It is because of these improvements that most of our customers prefer the infrared option.

Catalytic Bead Sensor

Some of our customers still prefer the catalytic bead sensor in their gas detectors. This is mainly due to the bead sensor’s sensitivity to acetylene. Acetylene is the gas that is produced by dropping a carbide bomb down the drill string. This practice has been used for decades in the mudlogging industry to determine lag time.

Geospect Best Anywhere

Whether our customers choose a catalytic bead style mudlogging gas detector, or go for the infrared option, they can be confident that they are purchasing the best mudlogging gas detectors available anywhere.

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a Geospect gas detector please give us a call at 409.925.1274 or email us at: info@geospect.com. You may also request a quote by visiting our website at: geospect.com/quote.


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