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Mudlogging Jobs and Employment

2018-10-08 17:59:32

Geospect Mudlogging Jobs and Employment

Mudlogging Jobs

Because we manufacture mudlogging instrumentation, we are constantly on the phone with the good folks that own or manage mudlogging companies. We are always giving advice about equipment and other, more general, things pertaining to the mud logging business. One of the biggest questions that I am asked is that if I know where to find good mudloggers. When I was running Camco Logging Service, I had a form online that mud loggers could complete and that was where I found most of my hands. In fact, I found so many that I would hook them up with my Geospect customers quite regularly. Since I shut down the Camco website, I have lost contact with many mudloggers and I haven’t been able to do that as much. That being said, I can usually find a place for a mudlogger to go to work if they are experienced. For this reason, and the fact that I have been thinking about getting back into the mud logging business myself,  I have recently put an employment form on the Geospect website. Because we sell instruments all over the United States, we can usually place a mudlogger with a mudlogging company almost anywhere.

Things to Consider Before Filling Out Our Mudlogging Jobs Form

The following things go without saying but I’m just going to put them out there:

  • Our clients are looking for experienced mudloggers – We would expect that you have some mudlogging experience before you call yourself a mudlogger. That being said, the industry as a whole could use some more good mud loggers. If you do not have experience and would like to break into the field of mud logging, I would suggest contacting a company that has an offshore division. Most offshore mudlogging operations use sample catchers to help the mudloggers because the workload is heavier offshore. A sample catcher usually doesn’t need mudlogging experience and it is a great way to learn from the mudlogger that you will be working with. By starting out as a sample catcher and working hard, you should be a mud logger in no time at all.
  • Please tell us as much as possible about your mudlogging experience, skills, and abilities
  • Please indicate the areas you are willing to work
  • Please indicate the areas in which you have experience
  • Having worked with Geospect equipment isn’t necessary but it is a plus so please indicate it on the form.
  • Most of our mudlogging company clients drug test potential employees

With all of that being said, we would love to hear from you

Our clients are always looking for qualified mudloggers and we would love to pass your name along to them. 


Welcome to the all new Geospect website. Thanks for visiting. We hope this site will serve you well.

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