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2018-10-09 18:31:45

Geospect Mudlogging Software

Geospect Mudlogging Software

Geospect software is the nerve center of the Geospect mudlogging system. Its menu driven screens are as powerful as they are user friendly. It is WITS compatible and is capable of both sending and receiving data to other WITS enabled computers across the wellsite.

  • DISPLAYS -It displays a rich, robust picture of critical mudlogging data in real time.

  • CALCULATES - It also does many mudlogging calculations in real time; such as lag, rate-of-penetration, and TVD.

  • LOGS - Geospect software logs all relevant mudlogging data into spreadsheet format; such as ROP, Lagged Gas, Chromatograph Readings, Co2 Data (if applicable), and TVD. Geospect can log data based on depth, time, or both. 

  • ALARMS - There are many alarms that are accessible through Geospect software. Alarms include both high and low settings for: ROP, Gas, SPM, etc. Alarms are both visible and audible.

  • WITS - Geospect software can receive and transmit data to other wellsite computers through the WITS protocol. You can transmit your gas to the rig's EDR system (Pason, Totco, etc). Geospect WITS also allows the mudlogger to receive certain sensor data from the EDR, allowing him/her to basically mudlog without hooking up sensors that are redundant to the EDR. In other words you don't have to hook up separate pump stroke counters, depth switches, or an on/off bottom switch

  • PULSE - Just because Geospect is capable of getting its data from WITS doesn't mean it has to. Geospect supports traditional sensors as well. Yes, you can still hook up micro-switches, donuts, depth wheels, pump stroke counters, on/off bottom switches, etc to Geospect.


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