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Mudlogging vs Mud Logging

2018-10-17 23:33:46

Geospect mudlogging vs mud logging

Recently, I was brushing up on search engine optimization for the Geospect website and noticed that some search engines still have different results for the terms "mudlogging" and "mud logging." Thank God Google recognized these two terms as being one in the same many years ago, however, some search engines treat the two terms as different terms.

They Mean Exactly The Same Thing

"Mudlogging" and "Mud Logging" both mean exactly the same thing, so why don't the search engines do something about fixing it. I assume they have either not been made aware of the issue or that they do not have the resources to follow up on it. They could probably care less. It is more than likely a combination of all three. It also seems that if the various search engines fixed "mudlogging" and "mud logging" that they would also have to worry about fixing the various other forms of the word such as "mud logger / mudlogger" and "mud log / mudlog."  I know this seems like a petty issue, but when SEO is involved one must account for the different ways to write the same keywords. Perhaps they should group new terminology in as well. The term "Surface Logging" comes to mind. In fifty years maybe someone could write an article about "surface logging" vs "surfacelogging."

Well there's my rant for tonight.


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