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Mudlogging without a Pulse Box

2018-10-08 18:09:07

Geospect Mudlogging without a Pulse Box

As many of you know, Pason is phasing out its support for its pulse box. The pulse box is a device that takes a WITS Level 0 feed and converts it into electrical pulses. This allows the mud logger’s equipment to count feet, count pump strokes, and detect on/off bottom status.

The Problem

Many mudlogging companies are still using older equipment and are not equipped to operate properly without a pulse box because there is no way to count feet. At one time mudloggers could connect a microswitch to the rig geolograph to count feet, however most rigs these days do not use a geolograph.

The Solution

Any Windows computer running Geospect software can hook up to an EDR workstation like Pason, through a serial port, to receive a WITS transmission. Geospect software will then count feet, count pump strokes, lag gas, and much more. Contact us for more information.


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