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2018-10-08 18:15:10

Geospect Mudlogging


Geospect owner Mike Cunningham, Jr. has been mudlogging since he was 10 years old. Mike would help out at his father’s mudlogging company after school and during summer vacations, “catching samples” and learning about the business. By the time he was 19, Mike was in operations at a large mudlogging company. By 1998, he had started his own mudlogging company, Camco Logging Service.

The surprising thing about Mike’s experience is not how long he’s been in the mudlogging business, but how little the business has changed since he first became a part of it. Very little seems to have changed in logging during the past 30 years. While other industries have been revolutionized by the computer age, mudlogging has remained mired in the past.

When Mike Cunningham opened Camco for business fifteen years ago, he envisioned a company that did things a little differently. Rather than using a hodgepodge of outdated equipment prone to frequent breakdowns, Mike envisioned a new type of instrumentation system. This system would be compact, accurate and easy to use.

Even better, this system would be reliable, resulting in a dramatic reduction of downtime. Mike and the folks at Camco developed the Geospect Instrument over the course of five years. Years of field testing have resulted in the best mudlogging instrumentation system in the world, the Geospect. Through Camco, clients like Anadarko Petroleum, Kerr McGee, and Clayton Williams Energy have greatly benefited from Geospect’s superior performance. If you own a mudlogging company of your own, contact Geospect to find out how Geospect can benefit your clients. Contact us at (409) 771-3574, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about it.


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