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Press Release and Description of the Geospect Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer

2018-10-08 18:06:45

Geospect Press Release and Description of the Geospect Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer

Description of the Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer

Here’s a link to a press release that we sent out just after we started marketing our new patent pending Geospect Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer (DSGA). The DSGA monitors the gas coming out of an oil or gas well for the presents of heavy hydrocarbons in real time without a mudlogging chromatograph. It accomplishes this by using an infrared sensor in conjunction with a catalytic combustion sensor and comparing their results. An infrared sensor is notorious for giving much higher readings for heavy hydrocarbons than it does for methane. A catalytic combustion sensor, while not giving entirely linear readings across the hydrocarbon spectrum, is much better at it than the infrared sensor. By combining the two sensors in the same instrument, calibrating them both with methane, and comparing their outputs, one can easily see when heavy hydrocarbons are present in the gas stream as it is sampled from the well bore. The DSGA was originally intended to be used in mud logging, however other uses for it, such as pipeline leak detection are readily apparent.

Features of the DSGA

  • Catalytic combustion sensor and Infrared Sensor in the same Instrument
  • Compares the results of above sensors
  • Determines if heavy hydrocarbons are present
  • Determines the amount of heavy hydrocarbons in relation to methane


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