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Rig Geolograph

2018-10-14 13:54:08

Geospect Rig Geolograph

A geolograph is a device that measures depth and that if installed is usually found in the doghouse. It was once commonplace for a drilling rig to have a geolograph while on location drilling an oil or gas well. Mudloggers would connect a micro-switch, donut, or similar device to the rig geolograph in order to get a depth signal for their mudlogging instruments.

Draw Works Sensor

Now days it is more common for the rig to get its depth from a computer system hooked to an optical encoder that is mounted onto the drilling rigs draw works. If the mudlogging company has the technology to connect to the rig computer, mudloggers can simple get a WITS connection from the EDR company and receive their depth digitally. This presents a problem if the mudlogging company doesn't have WITS technology. If that be the case, what is the mudlogging company to do?

Purchase a Geospect Mudlogging System

One solution would be to purchase a Geospect mudlogging system. Geospect is a complete mudlogging system in a box. This is the ideal solution since it comes with the ability to connect to either WITS or the older "pulse" systems. Geospect is quite affordable but it might still be out of reach for a brand new or fledgling mudlogging company. What if the new mudlogging company has already purchased some older instruments that can't communicate with the rig computer via WITS?

Get A Geospect Data Acquisition System

Geospect makes a DAQ system that hooks up to most third party instruments. It can also communicate with rig computers for a fraction of the cost of renting equipment or purchasing new equipment.

For more information visit the Geospect Product Page.


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