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Dear Mike:

I just wanted to follow up on my recent purchase of your Geospect ML-06CC gas detection equipment and let you know how happy I am with your system. Having been in the mud logging business for 25 years I've been through a number of different brands of equipment. They all worked adequately even though they where all made in the early 80's. What a pleasure it is to use equipment that is up to date and computer controlled.
I looked at several other systems but was impressed with yours and the fact that it came with the little extras like the hydraulics and directional programs. It also interfaces with Wellsite Systems software beautifully It was nice not to have to buy yet another computer since your system comes with one. I was also impressed that within 20 minutes after rigging up I was logging with your system and hadn't even cracked the instruction manual that came with it.
You will be happy to hear that every person who stepped into the 5th wheel I'm now using as a "logging unit" including a client of mine that has used me for 12 years was totally impressed. Most comments where along the lines of "Welcome to the 21 Century".
Thanks for bringing mud logging equipment up to date!

Mike Jerner
Owner-West Texas Wellsite

Hello my name is Kevin Schwandt and I recently started my own mudlogging company. When it came time to rigging up my trailer, I looked around online and had a number of questions on exactly how to rig up a gas detection system. I came across Camco Logging's website and was very impressed! I phoned the number and was given directly to the President, Mike Cunningham Jr. He was a great deal of help. He had the answers for all of my questions. Ultimately, I didn't even need to know how to rig the gas detectors. In his product (ML-06-CC) it was already done! He told me that it automatically logged the ROP and lagged the gas. I couldn't believe it! In the past it was a nightmare trying to catch up 1000' of log (On my one man job). I couldn't even sleep without being buried with drill time, lagging gas and samples. Now with the ML-06-CC I can concentrate on looking at my samples and correlating my ROP to E-Logs. Recently my good friend who introduced me to mud logging came by and saw my trailer. I showed him the ML-06-CC program and how it plotted ROP and lagged gas. He was extremely impressed and jealous! The geologist I am working for also liked the program. He had never seen anything like it. He also love the screen with the ROP and gas scales.
Another positive about this product is how little space it takes up. It allows me to save room so my trailer is almost like a little home. My wife and kids can come out and be comfortable because I don't have equipment posted everywhere.
I am a true believer in Geospect Instruments. It has made mud logging less stressful, enjoyable and flat out easy! In addition to that the program is computer friendly and very easy to understand. I would like to thank Mike Cunningham Jr. and his staff for all the knowledge and support they have given to me while I was getting my business off the ground.
Thanks Mike!

Kevin Schwandt
Flex Well Logging, Inc.
Enid OK

Dear Sirs,

This is just a short note to say" Thanks" for making my job easier with the ML-06-CC.We are logging wells in the Barnett Shale play in and around the Fort Worth Basin. Our gas detector is all-important to determine where the "sweet spot" is. The Geospect Depth system and gas detector is the best. Period. I can't imagine using anything else. It's hard to believe how simple and accurate it is. Also, the personnel and service is almost as good as the equipment. Thanks again.

Rex Lockhart
Co-Owner FWB Logging
Arlington, Texas

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the Geospect infra-red mudlogging unit. We have used it on several wells now and find it easy to set up, completely reliable, and damn impressive (to us and our JV partners). I have been a practicing petroleum geologist for over thirty years. I like to sit every prospect I generate and have suffered through a number of less than satisfactory "hot wire" rental units, tried unsuccessfully to build a "sniffer" from scratch and finally got smart and bought a Geospect unit.
Thanks for a great product.

David L. Copley
President Ardent Resources, Inc.
Pittsburgh PA


Terry and I just wanted to drop you and Mike a note to let you know how happy we are with our two Geospect ML-08 units with wits. We've had them on the well sites now for 40 days and no problems. The exploration manager for our client was very impressed as well and noted that the gas chromatograph was the best he's ever seen on site and reliable.
We also want to thank Mike for his great customer service. He made two separate trips to our sites for consultation since our units were the first apparently with WITS capability. Since our sites are east of Livingston, TX I know it was quite a drive.
If you ever need a reference don't hesitate to have any of your prospects call us. You guys have been the greatest and certainly were instrumental in helping get off to a great start.
Warmest Regards,

Roger Snyder
Terralog Geological Services

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