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Mud Logging Gas Detectors

Geospect, LLC., specializes in the design and production of advanced, fully computerized gas detectors for the mud logging and drilling industries. Our innovative technology integrates seamlessly with the Geospect mudlogging software, providing continuous lag depth and total gas readings from the Geospect Gas Detector.

Our Range of Mudlogging Gas Detectors

Geospect Instruments takes pride in offering three distinct types of mudlogging gas detectors:

  1. The Catalytic Combustion Gas Detector ("Hotwire" Detector): The Geospect Catalytic Combustion Gas Detector (ML 18CC) utilizes a catalytic bead sensor that alters its electrical resistance upon exposure to hydrocarbons. Our system converts these electrical changes into digital data, displayed via our software.

  2. Infrared Gas Detector: The Geospect Infrared Gas Detector (ML 18IR) employs an infrared sensor specifically tuned to the hydrocarbon-absorbing spectrum. It consists of a light source, a filter, and a sensor. The filter isolates the hydrocarbon range in the infrared spectrum, and as hydrocarbons pass over the sensor, they absorb some of the infrared light. The sensor measures the residual light intensity, which the Geospect instrument then translates into electrical signals and digital gas readings.

  3. Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer: Combining years of experience in developing gas detectors, we recognized the distinctive responses of hotwire and infrared detectors to hydrocarbon gases. The Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer capitalizes on these differences. While both detectors show higher readings in the presence of heavier hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane, pentane), the increase is more significant in the infrared detector. For instance, 1% propane in air would cause the IR detector to read three times higher than the same concentration of methane. This unique feature allows the Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer to detect the presence of heavier hydrocarbons in real-time, independent of the mudlogging chromatograph.

The Advantage of the Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer

In the rapidly evolving world of drilling, where rates are increasing swiftly, the precise determination of the depth at which heavier hydrocarbons occur is invaluable. Traditional mudlogging chromatographs, taking a one-second sample every five minutes, often cannot keep pace with today's drilling speeds. The Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer, however, offers a solution to this challenge, providing more precise and timely data.

We at Geospect believe that the Dual Sensor Gas Analyzer is an essential addition to every mud logging operation, significantly enhancing the ability to pinpoint the depth of heavier hydrocarbons more accurately than ever before. This innovation marks a new era in mud logging technology, keeping pace with the demands of modern drilling environments.