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Updated Hasp driver. Built software interface for communicating with the H2S logger program.


Fixed issue that was causing the chromatograph valves to open and close erratically on some machines.


This is an installer update. Fixed issue where Geospect lag depth stops working due to trash in signal coming from EDR. Added uplinking functionality for upcoming live website. Tweaked thread priority for incoming WITS data.


Added functionality for third party chromatograph and other minor tweaks. This is not a full update and does not contain an installation file. You must already have Geospect Setup 16.21.exe installed. After installing 16.21, simply place the Geospect ML-17.90.ctl on your desktop. Run the 17.90.ctl instead of the 16.21.ctl.


Geospect setup program. Contains minor performance related updates.


Welcome to the all new Geospect website. Thanks for visiting. We hope this site will serve you well.

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